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50 Photoshop Tutorials


Adobe Photoshop makes it achievable to edit your photos in numerous manners. With infinite possibilities the challenge is recognizing how to employ the photo editing tools successfully. In this post we will feature some helpful tutorials that instruct different photo editing skills and tricks. You are sure to discover at least some that can be put to good exercise in your own work, whether it is on your photos or on those of your clients.


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Animated GIF Banners


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Creative Posters


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Oil Painting in Photoshop CC



Here are some photos taken in Downtown Charlotte, smoothies and bowling at Strike City. This is a really nice and simple effect. Imagine getting favorite photos printed on canvass... Here is a tutorial on using the Oil Paint filter in Photoshop CC.

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Migrating a WordPress

If you are building a wordpress on a local host, then this a plug-in worth taking a look at. It is called WP Migrate DB. See screenshot below...

Website Design in Charlotte, NCIf you are comfotable editing the config.php file then check out this link..."How to transfer a WordPress Site."