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Do I really need a website?

Websites and blogs have become an excellent way to self-promote, publish ideas, construct portfolios and simply communicate your thoughts with words and pictures. The are so many free services and website platforms to take advantage of, If you know where to look…

I want to share with you the first place I recommend you starting a website, take a look at WordPress. It is a very powerful tool to blog your ideas and to build a complete website for personal use, as well as a very powerful business tool.

If you simply go to and start your website for FREE. The thing is, that you will be added as a subdomain to WordPress. For example, if your looking for to start a business to sell cookies and your want, your free domain will be…which is not so bad!!


However, for approximately $5-$10 a month, if has available, you can simply host your own website. Using,, to name a few, you can build you own website and just pay a few dollars each month.

Seriously, it is really easier then you think. The big catch phrase is SEO and GOOGLE loves WordPress. Since WordPress is an Open Source Software, you can install it for FREE, you just have to pay for hosting.

Refining content, custom graphics can be added to put your signature on yourself or your company. Start today and you can have a site hosting plan up in an hour! And honestly, in a few days, your site will be ready to promote, using, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to drive traffic to your very own website, shopping cart or blog.

WordPress will definitely get you started!

Internet Marketing made simple!

Internet Marketing, Web Designer in Charlotte NC

We are always looking for simple online tools to help with Google and site conversions. Check out the service that Banner Snack is giving away. Using the FREE tools, you will have your banner or ad watermarked. There are premium services as well, this will be a subscription upgrade. Enjoy!

The NEW Face of Business Blogs

Creative Website and Web Designer in Chartlotte

Here is a list of reasons why it is critical to have a company blog…

Go ahead, shrug off the thought of being a blogger! Dismiss the idea of Designing a blog for your company! It will be impossible to ignore how social media has completely turned business marketing upside down. Blogs are the pin point of this explosion and they are simply the single-most important marketing piece for your company to have!!

Here are just a few points to consider when thinking about Business Blogging:
1] A blog is very easy to set-up and maintain!
2] Blogging  keywords using categories and keyword tags are the fuel for great SEO.
3] Based on a HubSpot Survey, Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors
4] Integrate all of Your Social profiles (FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Newsletters, etc.) to one place…
5) An efficient blog can be automatically integrated into most of your social profiles.
6) Regular blogging, of relevant business content, allows you to visit your clients as much as you would like.
7) Blogging  will help in researching your business practices and staying current.
8) Blogging creates opportunities for Public Relations and possible interviews
9) Blogging  Analytics will give you an insight to your clients needs.
10) Blogging  gives you a platform to promote your Brand!

Blogging  will allow you to influence and be influenced on a regular basis!!

Inspirational Design!



Web Designer in Charlotte NC

Web Designer in Charlotte NC

Here is a post that I ran across showing horizontal designed websites. With Responsive Web Design becoming the norm, the next on the horizon is horizontal web sites. The team at Web Designer Depot in Canda have put together this post showing horizontal website, and reasons when to use them!! Full Read

“Mind Blowing” Tech!

We are in a time of amazing changes. The internet, in itself has changed everything… Smart phones, modern medicine, social media, etc. are just the beginning! Here is a preview article that appeared on the INC. website. “5 ideas that will blow your mind”

1] A laser printer for DNA: the San Francisco based company, Cambrian Genomics is creating the world’s first DNA laser printer. We have moved into the age of creating anything?

2] Software that thinks like a Human? California based start-up Vicarious, will build this software. The co founder of FaceBook, Dustin Moskovitz is part of the team that has raised $15 million dollars to fund this project. Kinda creates a new spin on what the avatars will become…imagine talking profiles?

3] Matternet, Palo-Alta based start-up, will start testing small drones that can deliver medicine and medical supplies, ANYWHERE! With the healthcare changing in the U.S., maybe there will be money to be made delivering medicine to the world! Testing apparently will start in the Dominican Republic, later this year!

4] X-ray Vision? Xandem has developed a new technology that will us to see through walls. Xandem will launch it’s first product in April, with the helps of a Salt Lake Ciry Angel investor. This kind of takes transparency to another level!

5] Swallowing nano technology “pill” to track your health? Proteus is to receive FDA approval soon. This sensor will be powered by body fluids.

These are some really amazing technologies, that are sure to change the landscape…

Full story

NASA | 3D Printed Food

NASA secures funding to start R&D…

The thought of what this technology could mean is mind blowing…”End of World Hunger perhaps?”, the end of ” FedEx?

What new marketing schemes are on the horizon?

  • Imagine mailing out an electric car to test drive…Will FedEx turn it’s business model?
  • Imagine what the fast food industry thinks of this technology, assuming McDonald’s owns the rights to the “Big Mac”…will they release the rights, so the world can enjoy a 3D Big Mac!
  • What else will this technology produce…Weapons, Houses, People and maybe Dreams?
  • What will Grocery Stores become?

NASA is approving this technology for the quest to go to Mars! Being able to print food on demand, will allow for storage, on these long trips, for things other than food.

Question: Will the Internet of the future be the same as it is now?



A picture is worth a thousand words! Pinterest has broken the top 4 in social sites. The top 4 sites are [1] Facebook [2] Twitter [3] LinkedIn [4] Pinterest

Pinterest is growing at an astounding pace… Have you started your Pinterest Account? Please follow-us!!…

Unless you have been living on another planet, then you have got a Facebook profile, Twitter account, LinkedIn page…you should add Pinterest to your profile today! | Creative Charlotte Web Designer


SEO | Google elements

How to use Google SEO…There are SO MANY elements to using keywords to build organic SEO! However, I am always asked, What are the top 3 things to focus on.

Simply, figure out the niche you want to appear in… ie. Creative Web Designer Charlotte, note the bolds

Charlotte, NC Internet Marketing, Web Design Charlotte

[1] Use your domain name [2] Use your Site title and [3] Site Description! Other things that could be on this list is categories, blog posts, alt tagging and menu labels!

This is a quick explanation to start your organic SEO campaign.

Guest Blogging made very easy!

Internet Marketing Charlotte NC, Website Design, Charlotte

Have you ever thought about writing a blog and did not know where to start? You can allow someone to write for you or can also sell subscriptions to allow guest bloggers to post on your site.

Guest blogging is a great way to build and develop content. Using the SEO functions of wordpress categories and post tags will help elevate your internet marketing. Giving you a really good website to start link exchanges, possibly use as an e-commerce tool and to run along side of existing websites and/or a facebook page.

Here is an example of the use of this plug-in (user submitted posts), please check out what we did for this client…

Why writing a blog is SMART!

Charlotte Website Design and Internet Marketing

Since the SEO landscape is always changing, it is smart business to keep evolving as well. Now that websites have moved from a static marketing piece, to a dynamic presentation and now to a mobile campaign…it is important to keep moving forward!

We are in the age of minute man advertising. With Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc…we look for dynamic content to come to us. Having a blog for your business is not only SMART business, but it is becoming truly necessary.

From a marketing standpoint, sending out current content is great SEO as well…keywords as titles, categories, post types and tags, will ensure you a first page position with GOOGLE!

Think of it this way, every time you send out a new blog post, it is like dropping off a brochure to everyone in your list!!

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