Websites and blogs have become an excellent way to self-promote, publish ideas, construct portfolios and simply communicate your thoughts with words and pictures. The are so many free services and website platforms to take advantage of, If you know where to look...

I want to share with you the first place I recommend you starting a website, take a look at WordPress. It is a very powerful tool to blog your ideas and to build a complete website for personal use, as well as a very powerful business tool.

If you simply go to and start your website for FREE. The thing is, that you will be added as a subdomain to WordPress. For example, if your looking for to start a business to sell cookies and your want, your free domain will be is not so bad!!


However, for approximately $5-$10 a month, if has available, you can simply host your own website. Using,, to name a few, you can build you own website and just pay a few dollars each month.

Seriously, it is really easier then you think. The big catch phrase is SEO and GOOGLE loves WordPress. Since WordPress is an Open Source Software, you can install it for FREE, you just have to pay for hosting.

Refining content, custom graphics can be added to put your signature on yourself or your company. Start today and you can have a site hosting plan up in an hour! And honestly, in a few days, your site will be ready to promote, using, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to drive traffic to your very own website, shopping cart or blog.

WordPress will definitely get you started!