We are in a time of amazing changes. The internet, in itself has changed everything... Smart phones, modern medicine, social media, etc. are just the beginning! Here is a preview article that appeared on the INC. website. "5 ideas that will blow your mind"

1] A laser printer for DNA: the San Francisco based company, Cambrian Genomics is creating the world's first DNA laser printer. We have moved into the age of creating anything?

2] Software that thinks like a Human? California based start-up Vicarious, will build this software. The co founder of FaceBook, Dustin Moskovitz is part of the team that has raised $15 million dollars to fund this project. Kinda creates a new spin on what the avatars will become...imagine talking profiles?

3] Matternet, Palo-Alta based start-up, will start testing small drones that can deliver medicine and medical supplies, ANYWHERE! With the healthcare changing in the U.S., maybe there will be money to be made delivering medicine to the world! Testing apparently will start in the Dominican Republic, later this year!

4] X-ray Vision? Xandem has developed a new technology that will us to see through walls. Xandem will launch it's first product in April, with the helps of a Salt Lake Ciry Angel investor. This kind of takes transparency to another level!

5] Swallowing nano technology "pill" to track your health? Proteus is to receive FDA approval soon. This sensor will be powered by body fluids.

These are some really amazing technologies, that are sure to change the landscape...

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