Hello, I am Keith, A Creative Thinker!

As a visual designer at Karr Creative, I am responsible for creating visually engaging and innovative web-based and mobile products. I understand that visuals not only bring concepts to life, cultivate bonds between customers and brands, but visuals also engage human response. I know the power of imagery and wield it appropriately. Clients include, but not limited to: Thorlo’s, Antioxidant Farms, Pilot Media Magazine, Volt Energy Drinks, Dream Garden Beverages, Souls of Brooklyn, Peter Ponzol, JL Smith, Summit Beverage Group, Weichert Realty, Copycat Printing and Chadwick Investments.

• Design data presentations, HTML newsletters, corporate reports, data visualization, data analytics and data storytelling
• I seek client feedback and solve design challenges through creative & innovative solutions
• I always maintain an empathetic viewpoint and treat every deliverable as if it were mine
• Craft graphic elements, assets, and visual treatments that adapt and flow with responsive design systems
• Produce brand standards and style guides for creating interactive, user-centric products
• I maintain a creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.