I was asked by a client how to use Twitter more effectively. In order to create a #hashtag or category, a few things have to be considered. Most of social media, including Twitter and Facebook are using #hashtags to organize their content.

Choosing the right phrase or #hashtag is critical. Using shorter #hashtags are easier to remember, but may be a more broad brushstroke, therefore only getting posted for a shorter period of time. Trying to be more specific with your #hashtag, may be something to consider. For example, compare #maketing is a broad stroke and #internetmarketing or #marketingcharlotte may lend to a more specific search. Always check to see how this specific #hashtag is being used, simply by opening Twiiter and Facebook to test the #hashtag in the search window. Check to see how often posts are appearing with your specific #hashtag that you may want to use. Tumbler and Instagram are using #hashtags as well. Heck GOOGLE+ seems to apply a #hashtag to you post, automatically.

With any social media marketing, when using keywords/#hashtags, just be careful not to overuse the #hashtag and only use them to deliver engaging content to your readers.