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Understanding the full value of Mobile for your business, by GOOGLE.

Constant connectivity through mobile has created 5 new paths to purchase that start on your customers’ smartphones. Learn how to measure the value they drive for your business.

1] In Store: Many people use their smartphones while they are on the go. Searching for store locations and getting directions to purchase in stores are common activities that drive significant value for businesses.

2] Calls: This may sound obvious but let's not forget:smartphones facilitate an action that is native to the device itself: phone calls. Customers sometimes prefer to purchase by phone.

3] Apps: Apps are a great way to enrich your relationship with your customers. App downloads and transactions that happen within your apps are 2 important sources of value from mobile.

4] Cross-Device: Consumers often use multiple devices to make a purchase, starting by researching on mobile and then waiting until they are on another screen to complete the transaction.

5] Responsive Mobile: Your customers expect a seamless experienceacross their devices and will purchase directly froma mobile optimized site. This is also known as"m-commerce."

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