Facebook and Google+ have recognized it needed to adopt the #hashtag. Facebook uses clickable hashtags, Google+ supports the #Hashtag and of course Twitter started the trend!.

  • #Hashtags will be hyperlinked to a page with a search history
  • URL's will be generated for clicking,, Hashtags on Google+
  • Facebook and Google+ will automatically create keywords | or #Hashtags, where as Twitter still needs to be included or searched for
  • It seems that the hashtags are slowly integrating and combining on multiple platforms
  • Twitter still seems to dominate the #Hashtag SEO front

In short, #Hashtags are slowly becoming the marketing standard. Brands are creating real-time conversations that engage and are creating relevant content. Insights and Trend Topics should become the standard of Analytics. We arenot only striving to be on page one of organic searches, but we need to be continually generate relevant #Hashtags to top the #Hashtag streams!