Internet Marketing

Understanding Facebook

HubSpotLogoHere is a great article on Hub Spot outlining how Facebook‘s Algorithm works…EdgeRank. This explains how certain posts will pop up from your connections, while others don’t…it is all about…Great Read

WebPage Optimization Tool

Are you wondering why your page loads really slow?


Here is a really great place to start testing all of the elements of your websites pages. Test Image compression, excess CSS rules, etc. The faster your load time, the better your results!!

Google Page Speed Insights Tool… Read On!

Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

This is a quick introduction video to the key elements within the WordPress dashboard. For an extensive consultation on the uses of the WordPress Dashboard, please contact us with any video tutorials that you would like to see!

Website Design and AJAX

Ajax is not a single element, but a combination of HTML and CSS in combination with JavaScript…changing static elements of a website, and makes them more interactive and dynamic.

Here some good links to start understanding the language of AJAX…

Hands On: Understanding AJAX

A Quick Guide to Understanding AJAX

Mastering AJAX, Part 1: Introduction to AJAX

If you are like me, here is a video…

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