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Animated GIF Banners

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Promotional Banner Marketing

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Remote control Paper Airplane?

What can I say...I want one!

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5 SEO Trends 2014, Entrepreneur.com


Here is an article on Entrepreneur.com the top 5 trends, SEO in 2014.

1.] Be Effective: There are 3 components to focus on, links, content and social media.

2.] Content Marketing: Create content that markets to your readers. Tell your own story, using original content and shared content. Blog, blog and blog!

3.] Be mobile: Having your web content respond to mobile devices are not an option any more. With the growing percentage of mobile devices exceeding the desktops, mobile optimization is no longer an option.

4.] Building your brand, over building links: Tell your own story. Sell your brand with unique and genuine content. Creating a Google authorship will be a key component.

5.] Google+, along with all social media, will be a MUST moving forward

Source: Entrepreneur.com

Photo: JeffBullas.com

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