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SOB_logos_stacked_transSouls Of Brooklyn is a monumental interactive sculptural installation dedicated to the citizens of Brooklyn. Honoring 25 famous and 25 unknown heroes whose lives have defined and been defined by the inimitable culture and character of Brooklyn, these life-size bronzes will be installed in neighborhoods throughout New York’s greatest borough. By celebrating the power and courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, Souls Of Brooklyn seeks to preserve the rich cultural identity of the borough, re-enforcing the values that made Brooklyn what it is today and ensuring that these values continue to support the understanding and aspirations of all Brooklynites for generations to come.



Leading Financial Investor website, corresponding collateral

Chadwick_Stationary_websitev2Chadwick Investment Group, Inc is an alternative money management firm registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Commodity Trading Advisor and a Commodity Pool Operator.  We utilize a vigoriously researched system to trade a diversified portfolio of financial and commodity futures worldwide and have the ability to profit from markets moving higher or lower in price.

“Our trading programs are designed for above average returns across markets non-correlated to typical stock and bond investments.”

Our programs offer diversification generally not available in traditional investment options. The programs trades markets such and currencies, energies, grains, financials, soft commodities and stock indexes. Few other investments allow an individual to diversify across such a wide range of markets in one investment vehicle.

Risk Management and Research

All trading decisions start with risk management, not charting patterns or technical indicators.  Risk management is the first item we focus on.  Why? Our firm believes that future profitability is built on today’s risk management.  Tomorrow’s opportunities are wasted if you do not have capital to trade them.

Our goal of producing long-term compounded profits for our clients is best delivered through a process of continual research.  We are determined to build a method which profits in a variety of market conditions.  Our research team constantly looks for better markets and more effective ways to utilize capital while keeping risk balanced.


Online brochure, leading financial reporting agency


Our data is research quality provided at an affordable price to traders and market researchers around the globe.  We’ve provided datasets to Colleges and Universities across the United States and our data has been used and cited innumerous research and whitepapers.


We offer a variety of End of Day Datapackages for both the futures and equity markets.  All of our data packages come in ASCII, comma separated format so they can be easily imported into a variety of charting packages.


We offer a variety of Intraday Datapackages for both the futures and equity markets.  These packages include data on popular indexes like the Dow Jones Industrials and the S&P 100 index.  All of our data comes in ASCII, comma separated format so they can be easily imported into a variety of charting packages.


Know Your Type, National Myers Briggs Subscription program


Are you looking for a new career, wanting to be a more effective leader or to explore more about yourself, the Myers Briggs offers unique insights into how you perceive the world.


The Myers Briggs Personality Profile is a powerful tool for enhancing team communication, creating a more effective workplace and eliminating common barriers what exist in business relationships.  Do you desire more out of your Team?  Do you want to create a more effective workplace? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ the read more about how we can help take your Team to the next level.


To the right are case studies of actual clients we have helped.  Use these case studies to see how we can help you or your Team achieve the goals you desire by using the Myers Briggs.  Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of your unique Type and offer actionable advice on how you can achieve more.


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Creation, maintenance, Industry leading musical instruments

Jeff_Smith_JLSmith TechnicianIT ALL BEGAN WITH REPAIR…

J.L. Smith first opened its doors in 1991. At that point the company was a one-person band instrument repair shop serving mostly local musicians. It was a humble beginning. The first location didn’t even have a rest room; it was “quaint” as they say. Jeff had been performing expert instrument repair since 1977 and had established a reputation as a leading authority in the field. As musicians discovered the exceptional quality and detail of his work the business began to grow, necessitating the addition of employees… and plumbing. From there it was a natural progression to leverage Jeff’s knowledge and experience by developing a modest selection of quality supplies that we offered to the trade under the Performance Music Products banner.



Pro-bono, integrated marketing, NC based college

Branding Campaign

College Mission

We, at Barber-Scotia College believe that human dignity is an endowment from God and that all persons have the responsibility for developing their potential to the fullest and for devoting their creative energies toward making a better world. We believe that all persons have six important aspects- intellectual, physical, emotional, social, ethical and spiritual- and that their development of one aspect is integrally related to the development of all others. We, at Barber-Scotia, believe that this development and this integration must take place within a framework of cultural heritage and through a commitment to ideals arising from Christian and democratic principles.

Recognizing the unique and infinitely significant value of the individual, it’s our goal to provide an opportunity for all students to realize their capabilities. We will provide the opportunity through a liberal arts education in a community concerned with the interaction of cultures, Christian heritage, scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. The College continually seeks to provide an atmosphere and an environment in which learning will always be adventurous for the total community of scholars.



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Online brochure, world renowned historic preservation site

In the late 1990s a group of dedicated people, belonging to the non-profit historic preservation organization Island Landmarks–which included Sharon Price, Delanna Lang, Jon Knudson, Carl Winge, Stu Highet, Mary Matthews, and members of the Japanese-American community in Seattle–went to the Washington State Legislature and asked for $150,000 to use as a down-payment to purchase the Mukai house; its surrounding garden, designed by Issei woman Kuni Mukai; and the back of the property, which was originally strawberry fields.

mukaiphoto_295In order to obtain these funds, historic preservation consultant Mary Matthews wrote a detailed planning document that told in very specific detail how the facility could be purchased; how much it would cost; estimates for its future operation; and plans to raise continual operation funds by either a joint Seattle/Vashon board, or just a Seattle board.  The Master Plan is a blueprint for the operation of the facility.

Matthews became Director of Island Landmarks, and continued to write various grants for the operation of the facility.  However, no organization can subsist on grants alone, and fundraising was needed by the Board.  Unfortunately in the site’s first year of operation, the plan was not followed when a Board was organized that consisted of only islanders.  It was never planned that funds for the operation of Mukai could be raised solely on the island.  After a year of operation, the Board had not brought any funds to the organization.  The Board resigned, as did Matthews as Executive Director.  When none of the Board came over to care for the facility, Matthews took up the effort, and reorganized a new Board.  Matthews and her husband J. Nelson Happy have been the major donors to the project ever since.


Website, German based musical products manufacture


The EBO mouthpieces are the further evolution of my hard rubber traditional and vintage mouthpieces of the past 20 years. I began refacing mouthpieces when I lived in NYC during the 70′s. Many of my first customers were friends who were very  well known players, and whose names are legends today. I kept a book of the dimensions of their mouthpieces before and after I worked on them. For example, one day Pharoah Sanders showed up at my W. 54th St apartment with two shopping bags full of mouthpieces. Most had belonged to Trane and Eric Dolphy. All of these dimensions were written down in my book.

In 1980 I moved to Europe and lived in many places before settling down in Germany. I had boxes of stuff in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, etc. The box with this book got misplaced for many years and only recently turned up while looking for something else. No one has the mouthpiece dimensions that I have. While I had many of these dimensions in my head there are many special facings in my notebook that I had forgotten.  I have found a common denominator in all the great playing hard rubber mouthpieces I measured and worked on and have used these to make this new version of my Ebonite mouthpieces.

The material is the highest grade German Ebonite. You will be amazed at how these mouthpieces play and respond. In keeping with my concept that there is only one or two tip openings that have the magic relationship to the chamber design, the EBO Alto is available in a 75 opening and the EBO Tenor in a 105 opening.

Keep your eye on my web site for information on the EBO LEGENDS SERIES which I will offer in 2015. These will be a high end limited edition mouthpiece based on the actual facings of certain mouthpieces of Trane, Bird and other greats.



Web brochure for independent song writer


Guitarist, Songwriter, vocalist Smyth Jeffry’s music has been described as “Americana”, placing him in good company with a diverse and capable crowd of musicians and songwriters who seem to be happy under this forgiving umbrella.

Smyth is equally at home in both acoustic and electric settings and his songwriting depth exhibits as wide a range of interests and influences as does his playing. Blues, Jazz, Rock, and singer-songwriter veins all run continuously through his work. Smyth is a home in many musical settings; accompanying a vocalist; playing lead guitar in a blues band; leading an acoustic trio-or playing solo.

Smyth’s songs range from simple love songs to songs of personal exploration and celebration. “The ultimate song is an universal one which allows listeners to believe it’s about themselves” says Jeffry.

Smyth Jeffry’s formidable guitar playing, sturdy vocal skills, and journeyman songwriting take center stage in this release, draped over a remarkable band and background vocalists. Electric or acoustic, Smyth is at home on every axe and leads the way with his command of the six strings.

Jeffry explores wide terrain on I Play Guitar both emotionally and musically. Songs range from reflection (Father Sky) to love lost (of course), to celebration (Stand Up!). You’ll hear insecure longing in “This Will Be My People”. (And you might hear shades of Elton John in Mark Stalling’s piano break). The playful “Likes of Me” shows an almost country flavor and Jeffry proves the point by donning his 5-string banjo (for its debut) to add color to the song. The record even features a favored co-writer Holly Russ Johnson on lead vocals singing “Flyin’ Time” as he takes to the lead guitar. Closing the record with hopefulness (and unveiling Smyth’s jazz leaning) is the samba “Little Red Boat”. It should bring a smile.

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