Most people assume that building a website is a straightforward process. You select a name, decide on the host and publish your website.

Unfortunately, it never seems to work out that way. Here is an article from Forbes, where a few things to think about are listed.

1] Using an image slider. I think this is a great tool, however, the argument for banner blindness can be used here. If you do not use very straightforward images in your slider, the information can be an overload.

2] How intentional is the content on your landing? Content is key, YES! However, filler content, is Killer content...

3] When you are looking to convert, as previously mentioned, do not confuse the visitor with extra content. Use every opportunity to convert them, especially an email.

4] If you do decide to use large blocks of text, make every word count. Just like any story, create a hook thesis and conclude the piece with your answer. If the body of your text is going to be long, just make sure that it is all relevant.

5] Finally, since mobile conversions are ever growing...make sure your landing responds to the mobile devices.

YES, "Build it and they will come", but will they stay? Please let us know what other Conversion Killers we have missed.

photo: GamerGirl