This is a Deposit Invoice for 50% of the project total




4919 Park Road
Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28209

Tel: 980-275-1757

Invoice Number INV-666-1
Invoice Date January 15, 2023
Due Date January 28, 2023
Total Due $247.50
Westchester Community Development Inc.
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Website Build

Build out of scrolling website on

Existing logo for Westchester Community Development will be refined and native print ready file returned to client.

Logo for All Green Designs will be a type treatment provided by client.

Imagery will be supplied by client or stock images can be purchased at $25/each, if needed.

Sub Total $495.00
Tax $0.00
Project Total $495.00
Amount payable for this Deposit Invoice
Deposit $247.50
Total Due $247.50

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