This is a Deposit Invoice for 50% of the project total




4919 Park Road
Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28209

Tel: 980-275-1757

Invoice Number INV-695-1
Invoice Date May 21, 2023
Due Date May 28, 2023
Total Due $505.00
Credible Electric llc
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 Scrolling Website for Credible Electric llc

Images and supplied text, to include contact form.
Does not include web hosting. We recommend GoDaddy. (managed wordpress account)
We will need log-in credentials for managed wordpress account)

1 Business Card design/layout
1 Business Card Print - 500# 2 sided standard business cards. 14PT C2S ($55 plus tax&ship) $70.00$70.00
Sub Total $1,010.00
Tax $0.00
Project Total $1,010.00
Amount payable for this Deposit Invoice
Deposit $505.00
Total Due $505.00

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Zelle is preferred method of payment.