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4919 Park Road
Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28209

Tel: 980-275-1757

Invoice Number INV-657
Invoice Date December 28, 2022
Due Date March 5, 2023
Total Due $650.00
Cy Morgan

Portfolio website

The project scope is 1 scrolling page with contact form and possible with 3 interior project pages.

You mentioned you have approximately 12-15 new photos that need to possibly be uploaded and possibly sized.

You can cut and paste the link below to see a really powerful skin. It will be an additional cost. Check it out!

Also, you mentioned to be able to edit this site. It does have the ability to upgrade to use the elementor pro for a second upgrade. This builder is really powerful and easy to use. I can also walk you around this builder if we choose to discuss this as well, this is in addition to the build initial cost.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceSub Total
1 wordpress setup and build out $1,097.50$1,097.50
Sub Total $1,097.50
Tax $0.00
Project Total $1,097.50
Amount payable for this Balance Invoice
Deposit -$447.50
Total Due $650.00

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