Web Master

Meet the main guy

Keith puts the K into creative – his talents include, constructing kickass websites, making a killer mac n cheese and being able to drag up two young girls with the help of his sidekick Joanne. In between web building, and obsessing over his Google page rankings, he loves to spend time on the golf course, play around on the computer and feed his political junkie habit.

Keith is oblivious to typos and grammar (spellcheck is his bff), yet his visual talents are awesome. He has this knack of spotting whether something is “off” or “needs a little something” at 100 yards. His eye for layout and color teamed with his knowledge of the marketing game give him a head start up the Google ladder.

He expects a lot of others, and himself, and he prides himself on following up and being on the ball. In short, Karr Creative is headed by a “get it done, and do it right” kinda guy.