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Robots are your friend!

A great looking website is not enough to be found. If you’re not found, or gaining visibility on the search engines, your site is not working for you the way it should.

Search Engine Optimization is an art form. Specific elements need to be incorporated into your site to wave at the robots and shout “Hey, I’m here, rank me”  Those elements need to be in the right places, and in the right proportions.  Too many or too few and you’ll be overlooked.  Optimization of your site should be a continual process.  The online environment is constantly evolving and so should your website.

We recommend that our clients evaluate their previous SEO efforts with our Comprehensive Site Assessment.

It is essential that your website is “SEO-friendly” in every way possible. Some of the elements we incorporate are briefly outlined below:

Keyword Research: We closely identity monitor and research  the best keywords that should be used in your content and throughout your site.  Research tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster tools are very helpful to determine keyword trends. This is an ongoing process and highly important.



Title Tag – The title tag is the single most important SEO element to use. Each page and blog post is to have a separate title tag. Keep each title to approximately 8 words.

Description Meta Tag – Along with the title tag, the description is the second most important SEO element. It appears directly under the title in all SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Keep descriptions to approximately 150 characters.

Heading Tags – h1, h2 tags – When you start formatting your pages and posts, use the <h1> & <h2> hierarchy; Heads and Sub-heads.

Anchor Text – Use keywords as links, as internal and external links.

Keyword Density – Keywords need to be mentioned throughout the content text. You should mention each keyword 1 out of every 20 words…or 5% of the overall text. Writing relevant and read-worthy content is key.  If you write about your subject from the heart, the keywords should take care of themselves.

Emphasize Your Keywords – The Search Engines want to see your keywords treated as bolds and italics.

Optimize Image ALT tag -Search Engines only read text and they do not see pictures. Use alt tag keywords for all images.

Proof Read – Never underestimate this step!! Have several people look over your text…

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