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Your website is your first impression! Make it great. Make it work for you. Connect to your visitors. Convert them to sales.


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Karr Creative will work with your ideas and ours, to develop a successful extension of your brand, that engages, promotes and makes visitors stick around.

We can integrate as much or as little as you like into your website, whether you require e-commerce,  custom forms, or a complex portal, we can handle it all, and then some. Size is no object. We love it all the same.

We love to talk. We sit with our clients and really get to know them, and what their business is all about.   We answer all the nitty gritty questions about us, while learning all about you and your needs.


We have determined that most of our clients are suited to the Content Management System style of site.  A CMS platform we rave about is WordPress, primarily because of its ease of use.    We love it, and our clients do too, and so does more than 55% of the world’s most visited websites!


Because its extremely user friendly, functional, and scalable, and so much more than a blog

It feels good, it looks great!  It provides the perfect shell for our designers to build upon.  The WordPress platform is just so customizable and user friendly, just about anything can be integrated into it.  Our clients appreciate the free WordPress training that we arm them with at handover; they’re excited to be able to edit their website on the fly! 



WordPress extends control to the owner, while other platforms don’t. Who doesn’t want to feel in charge, right?

The WordPress website is anything but cookie cutter and generic.  In fact, most of the big cat companies use WordPress.  Its not just a blogging platform. Its a highly customizable control platform to build a website upon.  The WordPress shell provides the bones, and our experienced team provide the meat!

No packages here  – our websites are uniquely tailored to individual Client needs. We don’t like paying for something we won’t use, and don’t expect our clients to either.  Our websites range in custom options – from custom home and interior pages,  through to custom graphic navigation and fully custom formatting, layout and graphics.

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Customize!– WordPress is highly scalable, and can be built upon as your business expands. You might find down the road, that you want to add more functionality, a Content Management based website allows for adding on – and of course taking away. Your layout can be redefined very easily.

Social Media! – WordPress is social media friendly – Your Google+, FacebookTwitterPinterest and anything else you might reach the world with, can all be integrated into your website.

User-friendly! – Our clients love the user friendly aspect of WordPress. Edits can be made on the fly though a control dashboard so you’re in charge of your own site. In fact, it is such a great platform, that once your site is live, you probably won’t need us anymore.   Our training sessions are free on site handover, and of course we’re always available to help out if needed! – We are always ready to answer questions, and our one on one sessions are awesome.

Google love! Google loves well constructed sites.  We  know how to set up and optimize WordPress correctly for the search engines. With a well constructed website, optimized pages, relevant, read-worthy content, and a few choice plug-ins, WordPress is a great basis for a successful website!

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