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Guitarist, Songwriter, vocalist Smyth Jeffry’s music has been described as “Americana”, placing him in good company with a diverse and capable crowd of musicians and songwriters who seem to be happy under this forgiving umbrella.

Smyth is equally at home in both acoustic and electric settings and his songwriting depth exhibits as wide a range of interests and influences as does his playing. Blues, Jazz, Rock, and singer-songwriter veins all run continuously through his work. Smyth is a home in many musical settings; accompanying a vocalist; playing lead guitar in a blues band; leading an acoustic trio-or playing solo.

Smyth’s songs range from simple love songs to songs of personal exploration and celebration. “The ultimate song is an universal one which allows listeners to believe it’s about themselves” says Jeffry.

Smyth Jeffry’s formidable guitar playing, sturdy vocal skills, and journeyman songwriting take center stage in this release, draped over a remarkable band and background vocalists. Electric or acoustic, Smyth is at home on every axe and leads the way with his command of the six strings.

Jeffry explores wide terrain on I Play Guitar both emotionally and musically. Songs range from reflection (Father Sky) to love lost (of course), to celebration (Stand Up!). You’ll hear insecure longing in “This Will Be My People”. (And you might hear shades of Elton John in Mark Stalling’s piano break). The playful “Likes of Me” shows an almost country flavor and Jeffry proves the point by donning his 5-string banjo (for its debut) to add color to the song. The record even features a favored co-writer Holly Russ Johnson on lead vocals singing “Flyin’ Time” as he takes to the lead guitar. Closing the record with hopefulness (and unveiling Smyth’s jazz leaning) is the samba “Little Red Boat”. It should bring a smile.

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August 2013