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Anthony Smith is a Manhattan-based creative director, brand strategist, content developer and communications specialist with over 15 years of experience handling major branding and communications initiatives for top-level advertising agencies, branding firms, and corporate clients. In addition to building and managing creative teams, Anthony has been a key contributor to the formation, development and evolution of several successful branding agencies including Ink&Co., Irwin Slater, Mucca Design, Contrabrand and P Studio, and two exceptional print magazines: PLANET° Magazine and Madison.

A published author and creative instigator with the ability to develop bold ideas and unique strategies that reshape companies and the markets they compete in, Anthony has earned a reputation for innovation, creative excellence and absolute professionalism.

Anthony is highly regarded for his sales and presentation skills as well as his ability to work in an inclusive, consultative fashion. Working in partnership with clients and as an advocate for consumers, he creates distinctive brand voices for print, television, radio and web, inspiring business organizations and helping them establish powerful identities that are unique, personal and highly relevant to their audiences.

“My ability to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with individuals, teams and organizations allows me to gain deeper understanding of their needs and to facilitate the creative process. My ability to nurture solid business relationships has produced an impressive degree of loyalty among my clients. I do superior work and I do it in a way that lends tremendous value to the enterprises I serve. I can do the same for you.”

Anthony Paul Smith


November 2013


Anthony Paul Smith | Creative Director NYC