Organic SEO versus Paid SEO

Organic SEO:

SEO is a process of proven techniques to affect SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Ideally, the more time a website or web page appears within the search results page, the more likely visitors will visit the website. SEO target many types of searches. The most used types are image searches, local searches and video searches. Other types are academic and industry specific vertical searches.

The way we use search engines, are with keyword searches and key phrases. The HTML for a website needs to have it’s content edited to affect search engine results, with the desired keywords and key phrases.

There are a few methods of using keywords: within site URL’s, website pages, as <h1>, <h2> tags, within body test, in image/video titles, blog titles, categories…to name a few. Calling out emphasized keywords with <bold> and <italic> tags, along with backlinks and inbound links, are preferred methods of emphasizing keywords and key phrases.

PPC (Pay per click)

This is a marketing tool to promote a website and direct traffic back to your website. You, as the advertiser, pay to promote your website link within targeted keywords and key phrases. These ads will appear in the SERP’s, the top and usually run the side of keyword seach results pages.

This paid advertising is in contrast to organic SEO.

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