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A picture is worth a thousand words! Pinterest has broken the top 4 in social sites. The top 4 sites are [1] Facebook [2] Twitter [3] LinkedIn [4] Pinterest

Pinterest is growing at an astounding pace... Have you started your Pinterest Account? Please follow-us!!...

Unless you have been living on another planet, then you have got a Facebook profile, Twitter account, LinkedIn should add Pinterest to your profile today! | Creative Charlotte Web Designer


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Social Media…”Wildfire!”

Wildfire Social Media Marketing Software...

  • The number one priority is enabling your social and digital marketing success. Whether it's mastering a platform, creating connections with your customers, or tying your social efforts to your business objectives, Wildfire has the right resources to help you achieve your social marketing goals!

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5 Deadly Sins of SEO and Online Marketing


Internet Marketing and SEO should be the small business' primary focus

Does your website engage, hold attention and provide relevant readworthy content?  Your website should make the reader want to stick around and read more, and connect with you. Strength of content is not enough on its own though. Google differentiates high quality content from low quality based on a number of points, including the usage of links.  Inbound links are the heaviest weighted factor in Google's ranking algorithm.  How many does your website have?

Click to read more about links, SEO, and internet marketing in this article by January 2, 2013

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Understanding Facebook

HubSpotLogoHere is a great article on Hub Spot outlining how Facebook's Algorithm works...EdgeRank. This explains how certain posts will pop up from your connections, while others don' is all about...Great Read...