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I have always focused on good design, but now I want to know why it works.

I have spent 25+ years as a visual designer after graduating VCU in 1995. I was a consultant in Washington DC, before opening Karr Creative in 2010. I consulted at some of the largest firms, agencies and studios in Washington DC and the surrounding areas.

Clients include: Arthur Anderson, Carter Cosgrove, Discovery Channel, Global Link Inc., Kircher and Associates, Morris Beecher, National Geographic, Health Care Advisory Board, On Target Media Group, Omni Digital, Price Waterhouse, Albrecht Publication Services, APICS— The Educational Society for Resource Management, Widmeyer Baker Group, Wonder Media, and Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

I opened Karr Creative in 2010. I am responsible for creating visually engaging and innovative web-based and mobile products. I understand that visuals not only bring concepts to life, cultivate bonds between customers and brands, but visuals also engage human response. I know the power of imagery and wield it appropriately.

I can craft graphic elements, assets and visual treatments that can adapt and are responsive. I understand branding standards and design systems and how they apply to user centric products. I always strive to maintain a creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and keep a professional approach to time, costs and deliverables.

I have learned to seek and solve design challenges through using creative and innovative solutions. I always maintain an empathetic viewpoint and treat every deliverable as if it were my own.

Clients include, but not limited to: Charlotte Observer, Chadwick Investment, Acuity Technologies, Thorlo’s, Antioxidant Farms, Pilot Media Magazine, Volt Energy Drinks, Dream Garden Beverages, Souls of Brooklyn, Peter Ponzol, JL Smith, Summit Beverage Group, Weichert Realty, Copycat Printing and Chadwick Investments.

As a life long learner, I am pursuing the avenue of UX/UI and intend to continue on this path with the hopes of seeking an advanced degree in Human and Computer Interaction. I am a problem solver at heart and with 25+ of design experience, I have a solid understanding of form; now I want to know why things work!